Frequently Asked Questions:
What are the frequencies of the equalizer?
We selected the frequencies by trying many and deciding what we thought were the most useful.
Then, we packed up our prototype and went over to Doug Fearn's studio for some testing.
He agreed that we made some good choices, so we went with it.


Why is it brown (and not red)?
You'd be surprised how often we get asked this. We like the color of our Coles 4038 Millennium Edition microphones and thought it would look nice. While the unit shares the same knobs and switches as the D.W.Fearn product line, it doesn't share the same dealer network as D.W.Fearn (or any dealer network, for that matter); we didn't want to confuse the marketplace.

How different is it from a VT-1?
There are some obvious differences (like the absence of a VU meter), but it's most basic roots are nearly identical. We use most of the same exact components as D.W.Fearn products. The chassis design is a simple variation of the chassis in a VT-1. The VLC-1 is built to the same quality standards as found in the D.W.Fearn line of products.

Why do I need to use the pad with the line input?
You don't. If it sounds right to you without the pad engaged, then go with it.

So why do I need this?
Several years ago, after having owned virtually one of every piece of gear in the recording industry in efforts to increase the quality of our recordings, we decided that we had to go with all D.W.Fearn preamps. After a while we noticed that we never had to use surgical equalization or copious amounts of compression in our mixes. Everyone to whom we delivered tracks seemed to be consistently thrilled with what we'd sent. Next, all of our friends and colleagues started to inquire about our D.W.Fearn gear. But like us, most of our friends are independent artist, producers and engineers, and couldn't easily justify spending five figures on a couple of high quality recording channels. The VLC-1 is the solution to this problem: it's designed to be the center of the recordists' arsenal. It takes the guesswork out of recording great tracks. It gives new life to your microphone collection. It inspires better performances from singers and players. It is designed to be compact and light weight, as we intended it to be carried from session to session, and in carry-on luggage on airplanes.

And who are you guys?
We are career musicians, independent producers, artists, and engineers ( Geoff (bottom right) has been building D.W.Fearn products for 6+ years. And, like Doug Fearn, we are also pilots.